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On this site we provide a list of services and useful information for renters, homeowners, investors and institutional clients.

The present real estate market has caused many changes from years gone by.  One of the biggest issues is that homeowners needing to sell for whatever reason are forced into a short sale which damages their credit. We offer some other options on our Homeowners page.

The glut of foreclosures in all types of property has brought investors much greater opportunities to acquire properties that generate strong cash flows and provide excellent returns on their investment.  We work efficiently with investors and have more information on our Investors page.

For lenders and institutional clients we offer our experience and service to manage and effectively market their REO properties in our coverage areas.  Please see our Institutional REO page.

Our available services and fees are outlined on our Services & Fees page.


To apply to rent one of our properties we offer an online application at our New Tenant Application page

          For further information please call us at 678-592-5764 or email us at

1227 Rockbridge Rd Suite 208 Stone Mountain GA 30087   |   Phone: 770-807-1031     Fax: 800-574-1688   |

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