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One of our primary services is to assist homeowners who must move but because of negative equity in their home have very limited options:

1. A Short Sale is a long complicated process which even if successful damages the seller-homeowner's credit.

2. Foreclosure (walking away) will seriously damage credit and limit future home purchase opportunities.

We offer another option:  Lease out your property and go ahead with your move. 

At present there is a strong rental market and homes in good condition that are priced correctly and marketed aggressively will usually rent quickly. This option causes no credit damage.

If they feel qualified, some owners may want to handle the leasing process and ongoing management themselves. This site offers some Useful Links that can provide helpful information for them.

If an owner is not entirely comfortable with a landlord's responsibilities and required knowledge, or is busy, or is in a hurry or leaving the area, hiring professional management is the better solution. We recommend ourselves (of course).

We visit your property and offer suggestions to maximize your property's "rentability". Then we search and examine properties currently available for rent and properties recently rented in your area to help you determine the highest achievable rent for your property. 

Using numerous sites and several forms of advertising we find you a tenant and investigate their background and credit. We then prepare a detailed lease and conduct the legally required move-in inspection with the tenant. 

We collect and hold security deposit funds and forward your net rent proceeds monthly. As an owner you're provided with a monthly report showing collected funds, expenses, and the balance in the owner's reserve account if applicable.

If rent collection becomes an issue, we use the correct legal procedures to collect it, or to have the tenant vacate. This is a sensitive area and the laws controlling a landlord's permitted actions are strict.

Because we use the latest "cloud" technology, tenants may fill out applications online. Owners can also go online to check their account status or send the manager a message at any time. Existing tenants are able to check their account status or the status of service requests the same way. In the very near future we will be setup for tenants to pay their rent online.

Through effective cost controls and the latest technology we are able to offer this service at rates that are among the lowest in the area. See our Services & Fees page.

1227 Rockbridge Rd Suite 208 Stone Mountain GA 30087   |   Phone: 770-807-1031     Fax: 800-574-1688   |

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